TLB Transport Solutions

At Benecke Transport we offer Lowbed & Rollback transport services for TLB Transport in between sites. This service is offered for the safe and efficient relocation of plant and equipment from Johannesburg Gauteng to any destination in South Africa.

Benecke Transport Johannesburg Gauteng-based Transport company offering Lowbed & Rollback transport services for plant and equipment to all destinations in South Africa. We transport the following plant equipment TLB, Excavators, Front end Loaders, Graders, Crushers, Telehandlers and more.

The machine consists of the following key elements:

  • Operator Cab: Where the operator sits to drive and control the TLB.
  • Prime Mover: The tractor that powers the grader.
  • Backhoe: Composed of a number of working parts, the backhoe is located at the rear of the TLB and is primarily used for digging or moving heavy objects. Its mechanical arm is fitted with a bucket, which enables it to perform its various functions.
  • Loader Bucket: Located at the front of the TLB, the loader bucket is attached to a lift arm that allows the operator to dig, shift, and carry heavy loads.


A tractor-like machine with a shovel/bucket on the front and a small backhoe on the back is known as a TLB (Tractor Loader Backhoe), sometimes known as a loader backhoe, digger in layman’s terms, or just a backhoe within the industry.

Backhoe loaders are highly prevalent in urban engineering and minor construction projects (such as building a tiny house, restoring urban roadways, etc.) as well as in underdeveloped countries due to their (relatively) small size and adaptability.

TLBs can be used for:

  • Clearing: Rocks, tree stumps, and rough terrain are but a few of the things TLBs can move around.
  • Spreading: The perfect tool to spread material or dirt fill like sand and rocks.
  • Filling: Moving soil or materials to fill large holes.
  • Transportation: For the moving of building materials and equipment.
  • Digging: TLBs can be used for digging projects that don’t require an excavator.
  • Breaking: TLBs are used for breaking asphalt.

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  • 15 years’ expertise in a very specialised field
  • One-stop shop for TLB Loads
  • Permits and escorts as well as route approvals
  • Machine moving & Rigging


  • Crane Trucks
  • Lowbeds
  • Heavy lift crane trucks
  • Rollbacks
  • Sidelifters for containers
  • Flatbed Links and triaxles
  • Machine Moving and rigging


We play the efficiency game. 99% of tasks may be made simpler to save money and time. By providing our rigging/heavy lifting solutions, we can simplify our clients’ needs and help them save time and money thanks to our extensive rigging industry experience.


Benecke Transport and Solutions upholds a very high level of safety. Safety is our first priority both on and off the job site.


Best of the best quality is provided by Benecke Transport & Solutions. Planning may go a long way because rigging is often a risky and difficult procedure. Every assignment is guaranteed to receive our team’s entire attention as they plan for a seamless and professional project execution, ensuring seamless quality on every project.

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