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Rollback Transport Gauteng

At Benecke Transport we offer rollback transport in Gauteng areas for loacal and long distance work. Rollback transport between sites for drill riggs , forklifts , TLB , bobcats , rollers and more.

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Rollback transport services

We have 4 ton , 8ton , and 12ton rollback units available.

Rollback trucks are ideal to move small plant like TLB’s, Bobcats, Forklifts, compressors and any earth moving equipment up to 12 Tons.

Rollback transport Gauteng
Rollback used to transport TLB

Rollbacks are often used to transport broken down cars and trucks and can be effectively used for both short haul and long haul transport.

Instead of using a lowbed or crane truck to transport small equipment like TLB’s, bobcats, forklifts, or any other equipment under 12 Tons, think about using a rollback.

TLB transport: Transporting a TLB does not need a lowbed in the majority of cases unless it is a large TLB over 12 tons. Using a rollback will save you a lot of money when transporting a TLB.

small rollback

Forklift transport, Rollbacks have a winch on the trailer so even if the Forklift or TLB is a non-runner, the Rollback will winch it onto the trailer to transport safely. No Crane truck Needed!

Rollback transport services gauteng
Rollback used to transport drill rig


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