Generator Transport

Generators are becoming very popular in South Africa due to the load shedding imposed in recent times. Due to this we have seen a large number of clients requiring positioning of generators with the use of our Crane Trucks.When you hire us for your generator transport, you are selecting a capable team with committed drivers to bring your goods from a difficult construction site in the country to a new building site or even to your place of business. We can deliver an industrial generator for you based on your demands.

Generator transport



<p><p>&lt;p><p>&lt;p>&lt;p>t;p&gt;Transport a Generator with us from Johannesburg Gauteng to any destination within south African borders.All our staff and equipment are certified with the industry standards.The generator can be moved by these specialized staff to the required position once at the premises as long as the terrain is wide and flat enough to accommodate the movement once offloaded. &amp;amp;lt;p>;/p&gt;

Highly experienced staff are on hand to ensure that your generator is safely delivered and rigged into position.

Generator delivery

With the use of the rear mounted crane on our crane truck we specialise in loading, transporting & offloading generators.We have the capacity to lift and transport all domestic and industrial size generators

We should be your first option when it comes to generator transport.

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