Abnormal load Transport

Lowbed Transport Johannesburg to Durban

Lowbed Transport Services from Johannesburg to Durban   for all your plant and machines.We offer services up to 60tons.

Lowbed transport between Johannesburg and Durban

Lowbed transport Johannesburg to Durban

Do you need a Lowbed to transport your machinery or equipment? We offer Lowbed transport services in Johannesburg Gauteng should you require us to transport our equipment to your site.Our Fleet can load up to 60 ton that you may need transported.

Low Bed Transport Solutions

We offer transport services for machines and structures. Deliveries can be done nationally.We offer low bed transport services for machines and structures.

Abnormal Load Transport Johannesburg Gauteng

If you need a piece of heavy equipment moved within South Africa , we are the transport company you have been looking for.Our drivers have years of experience with our company and knowledge in the loading and securing of any load.

excavator transport
excavator transport

TLB Transport Solutions

A low bed trailer is a kind of machinery transport use trailer with a much lower working platform, with a high range of 600mm to 1200mm.  The height of the working platform for a low bed trailer will depend on the loading capacity and the equipment that will be transported

Examples of abnormal loads include:

  • Construction equipment
  • Pre-built or E-Homes
  • Containers
  • Mining equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • Military equipment
  • Railway equipment
  • Etc.

For any Abnormal machine / Structure Transport contact Morne@benecketransport.co.za

Cell: 084 959 5555 or 086 9990270

Excavator Transport

Excavator Transport

At Benecke Transport we offer Excavator Transport with our Lowbeds in between sites .This is offered for the safe and efficient relocation of plant and equipment from Johannesburg Gauteng to any destination in South Africa.

Excavator Transport

Benecke Transport Johannesburg Gauteng based Transport company offering Lowbed transport services

We transport the following plant equipment TLB , Excavators , Front end Loaders , Graders , Crushers , Telehandlers and more.

For Excavator Transport a larger trailer with a larger weight rating to handle the load you are moving.”

Benecke Transport Johannesburg Gauteng based Transport company offering Lowbed transport Services  from Gauteng Johannesburg to any destination in South Africa.

Low Beds are a horse/trailer combination used to move earthmoving equipment between sites. Various sizes of low beds are available depending on the weight and/or the dimensions of the equipment to be moved.  Today there are a variety of different models to choose from. Lowbeds are designed to handle different conditions, it is essential to get the correct weight of the load you wish to transport before going out to find the lowbed.

Excavator Transport
Benecke Transport Lowbed

Our lowbed trailers offers the flexibility to handle any size and weight loads. We have fully qualified teams of riggers ready and able to assess your lift and transport needs.

Contact us at morne@benecketransport.co.za


Cell:084 959 5555

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