Abnormal load Transport

Abnormal Load Transport Johannesburg Gauteng

https://benecketransport.co.za/tlb-transport-solutions/We offer Abnormal Load transport services (pick-up and delivery) in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Port Elizabeth, and Cape Town

Abnormal load transport

Low Beds are a horse/trailer combination used to move earthmoving equipment between sites. Various sizes of low beds are available depending on the weight and/or the dimensions of the equipment to be moved.  Today there are a variety of different models to choose from.

Excavator load
Abnormal load

Excavator Transport

The height restriction of 4.3 metres and a width restriction of 2.7 metres may not be exceeded.A Tri-Axle truck has a length limit of 13.5 metres and a weigh in limit of 28 tons, whilst the limit for a 15 metre Tri-At Benecke Transport we offer Excavator Transport with our Lowbeds in between sites .This is offered for the safe and efficient relocation of plant and equipment from Johannesburg Gauteng to any destination in South Africa.

Lowbed Transport
Transport of heavy equipment

TLB Transport Solutions

These items are often too large, heavy, or cumbersome to be transported on regular trucks.

Different types of lowbed trailers are used to transport different loads.
Examples of abnormal loads include:

  • Construction equipment
  • Pre-built or E-Homes
  • Containers
  • Mining equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • Military equipment
  • Railway equipment
  • Etc.
Abnormal load transport
Benecke Transport offers Abnormal load transport services for all your machine movements accross South Africa

For any Abnormal machine / Structure Transport contact Morne@benecketransport.co.za

Cell: 084 959 5555 or 086 9990270

Excavator Transport

Lowbed Transport Johannesburg to Bloemfontein

Benecke Transport offers Abnormal Lowbed Transport Services from Johannesburg Gauteng to Bloemfontein for all your plant and machines.We offer Lowbed transport services up to 60tons.

Benecke transport has lowbed trailers which can accommodate tall cargo without exceeding legal road restrictions. They are well-suited for the transportation of heavy equipment, such as Excavators , loaders ,etc. They can also be used to move industrial equipment from one location to another

We offer lowbed transport services for machines and structures between Johannesburg and Bloemfontein. Deliveries can be done nationally.We have depots in Johannesburg Gauteng and Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape.

Contact us for lowbed abnormal transport services – www.benecketransport.co.za

We transport:

Drill Machines
Construction Machinery
Mining Equipment



Excavator Transport
Benecke Transport Lowbed used to transport Excavator
55ton lowbed transport
Dozer on lowbed transport

For all your lowbed transport needs

Contact Morne 084 959 5555 or 0869990270


Abnormal load Transport

Transport Companies Gauteng

At Benecke Transport we offer specialised local and long distance transport. Our trucks range from crane trucks , Rollbacks , Lowbeds , Link loads , etc  .We only operate within the borders of South Africa.

Generator transport
Crane truck from Benecke transport used to deliver generator
TLB Transport
TLB Transport

We offer the following services
Transport of steel structures , machines , containers , abnormal loads
Benecke Transport Abnormal load transport

Benecke Transport offer abnormal load transport servicesCrane trucks for Mini sub moving
Crane trucks for Generator moving
Crane trucks for Complete factory removals
Crane trucks for Machine moving
Crane trucks for Cable drums
Crane trucks for Diesel tank moving

Diesel tank transport
Benecke Transport trucks loading diesel tanks at Mine
Heavy duty crane trucks
Benecke Transport offers cranes trucks with lifting capacity up to 30tons

Contact Morne 084 959 5555 or email morne@benecketransport.co.za

Visit our website www.benecketransport.co.za

Excavator Transport

Heavy Equipment Transport

Our heavy equipment transport solutions have the capacity to transport loads of up to 60 Tons.

Lowbed Transport
Transport of heavy equipment

Our lowbed transport the following equipment Excavator transport,Loader transport,Grader transport,Dump truck transport,Mining equipment transport,Earth moving machinary transport,Heavy equipment haulage

TLB Transport
TLB Transport services

If you need a piece of heavy equipment moved within South Africa , we are the transport company you have been looking for.

contact 084 959 5555 OR email morne@benecketransport.co.za

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