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8ton crane truck hire

Benecke Transport has a vast number of different types of 8 ton crane trucks. The majority of the 8Ton fleet consists of the trucks fitted with 14Ton/meter cranes and drop sides.

8ton crane truck
Benecke Transport offers 8ton crane truck to transport goods between sites

Benecke Transport has found that the most effective size cranes to fit onto these trucks would be 14 Ton/Meter cranes. This prevents the permissible load capacity from being reduced drastically but yet still have a very reasonable lift that the crane can do safely.

Fitting the 14 Ton/Meter cranes on these trucks also allows the engineering companies that fit the bodies, to maximise on the size of the load body and therefore Benecke Transport is able to fit 6 meter long and 2.4 meter wide load bodies that could easily load up to a 6 meter container.

Generator transport
Crane truck from Benecke transport used to deliver generator

At Benecke Transport we insure that all our crane trucks comes fitted with all the necessary equipment and documentation that suits all major projects and customers’ safety standards such as crane and sling certification, etc.  In short, Benecke Transport ‘8 Ton trucks’ is geared to achieve excellent fuel consumption and gradeability, ensuring that a high average speed is attained to boost productivity in a professional and safe environment.

Benecke Transport offers 8ton crane truck hire for long term projects – Power lines , water projects and more.

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