Rollback Transport Solutions

Small plant like TLBs, Bobcats, compressors, and other earth moving machinery up to 12 tons are best moved with rollback transport.

Rollbacks may be utilized advantageously for both short- and long-distance transportation and are frequently used to transfer broken-down cars and trucks.

Transporting a TLB: Unless it is a huge TLB above 12 tons, most of the time, transporting a TLB does not require a lowbed. When moving a TLB, using a rollback will result in significant financial savings.

Rollbacks have a winch on the trailer, enabling them to winch a non-running vehicle or item onto the trailer for secure transportation.

The simplest and most affordable method of transporting broken-down vehicles, whether they are industrial or personal vehicles, is a rollback.

Rollback trucks are frequently used by towing firms to carry vehicles and trucks that have been in accidents or are in need of repair.

Hire a rollback to do the task if you need to remove an unlicensed vehicle from a location and bring it back to your yard.

Therefore, make sure to pick a trustworthy carrier for all of your transportation needs if you need assistance transporting your unusual equipment.

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We play the efficiency game. 99% of tasks may be made simpler to save money and time. By providing our rigging/heavy lifting solutions, we can simplify our clients’ needs and help them save time and money thanks to our extensive rigging industry experience.


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Best of the best quality is provided by Benecke Transport & Solutions. Planning may go a long way because rigging is often a risky and difficult procedure. Every assignment is guaranteed to receive our team’s entire attention as they plan for a seamless and professional project execution, ensuring seamless quality on every project.

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