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Industrial generator transport solutions: A diesel generator produces electricity by combining a diesel engine with an electric generator. Modern electronics, particularly non-linear loads, make diesel generator sizing difficult and essential to prevent low load or a lack of power.

Generator transport solutions – The weight of these industrial generators might range from 500 kg to 38 500 kg, if not more. These industrial generators are primarily utilized in the mining sector. In mining operations around the world, diesel generators are frequently employed. They supply more than 70% of the energy required by heavy machineries like excavators, drillers, conveyor belts, and cranes during mining operations.

These industrial generators can be used as a primary power source in places like mining and farming activities, new projects, and construction when a local electrical grid is unavailable or difficult to access. They can also be utilized to offer backup power to facilities during power outages.

Cold fronts or heat waves can overburden the electric power infrastructure, generating outages that might persist for days on end, in addition to the coal shortages in South Africa.

When you hire Benecke transport for your generator transport solutions, you are selecting a capable team with committed drivers to bring your generator from a difficult construction site in the country to a new building site or even to your place of business. We can deliver an industrial generator for you based on your demands.

But with the unpredictability of power outages nowadays, more and more individuals are turning to generators to ensure a steady supply of electricity for our businesses and the mining sector. The majority of power outages end nearly immediately after they start, but some might linger for days or even weeks.

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