Crane Truck Hire Solutions

Benecke Transport offers transport services and crane truck hire solutions in Johannesburg Gauteng for local and long-distance transport services across South Africa. We specialize in lifting, rigging, moving and transporting generators, 6m containers and 12m containers. We also transport steel structures, steel sheeting and transformers. Our crane trucks can lift and move heavy diesel tanks as well as transport them.

Benecke Transport has been providing crane truck hire solutions transport in Johannesburg Gauteng for local and long-distance work for almost 10 years. We provide crane truck hire transport services in Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa. We cover Gauteng and Pretoria area for local and long-distance crane truck transport services. We offer the best prices for Crane truck hire in Gauteng.

Our crane truck hire solutions along with the drivers are all certified and trained to ensure the best possible service delivery that we can offer. Each Crane truck is fully equipped with certified slings, safety equipment and experienced operators. Therefore, make sure to pick a trustworthy carrier for all of your transportation needs if you need assistance transporting your unusual equipment.

Our fleet of Cab mounted and Rear mounted rough terrain crane trucks includes 8-ton crane trucks to 40 Ton crane trucks in various configurations to cater for almost any requirement.

Crane Trucks are typically used for but are not limited to the engineering, construction and mining industries. Crane trucks have reduced haulage weight limits, but they make up for it by the ease of loading and of loading at any destination.

We stock various truck sizes and crane load capacities. Our crane truck fleet consists of 8 and 40-ton crane hoists.

Our prices are competitive and we are only one phone call away 24/7

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  • 15 years’ expertise in a very specialised field
  • One-stop shop for crane hire
  • Permits and escorts as well as route approvals
  • Machine moving & Rigging


  • Crane Trucks
  • Lowbeds
  • Heavy lift crane trucks
  • Rollbacks
  • Sidelifters for containers
  • Flatbed Links and triaxles
  • Machine Moving and rigging


We play the efficiency game. 99% of tasks may be made simpler to save money and time. By providing our rigging/heavy lifting solutions, we can simplify our clients’ needs and help them save time and money thanks to our extensive rigging industry experience.


Benecke Transport and Solutions upholds a very high level of safety. Safety is our first priority both on and off the job site.


Best of the best quality is provided by Benecke Transport & Solutions. Planning may go a long way because rigging is often a risky and difficult procedure. Every assignment is guaranteed to receive our team’s entire attention as they plan for a seamless and professional project execution, ensuring seamless quality on every project.

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