Abnormal Load Transport Solutions

“Abnormal Cargo” is the term used to describe the transportation of enormous or extremely heavy cargo, and these types of loads are typically handled using specialized vehicles and trailers. Transporting anomalous weights can be risky since they may contain heavy machinery or be naturally big. It’s crucial to understand how to transport these products securely in order to safeguard both you and other people.

Benecke Transport is well knowledgeable with unusual transportation and the necessary escorts and permits.

Prior to shipping, the load is prepared by being blocked and chained down after extensive analysis with our customers to determine its center of gravity and strong points. The most well-known types of anomalous cargo include things like farm machinery, engineering buildings, or yellow metal.

The ideal method for moving unusual goods is step-decks with ramps, low beds, and rollbacks. Low beds can help carry loads weighing up to 100 tons, and our extensive fleet of extendable trailers makes it simple to move loads up to 18 meters in length. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff, a variety of crane trucks, and these specialized vehicles and trailers all work together to make loading and unloading stationary things easier. There are additional legal regulations that must be followed in addition to the necessity for specialist trucks to transport abnormal loads. Provincial abnormal permissions and escort vehicles are necessary for the transfer, and as an extension of our services, we provide value by obtaining these abnormal permits on your behalf and offering our own licensed escort vehicles to make the move easier.

Therefore, make sure to pick a trustworthy carrier for all of your transportation needs if you need assistance transporting your unusual equipment.

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  • 15 years’ expertise in a very specialised field
  • One-stop shop for Abnormal Loads
  • Permits and escorts as well as route approvals
  • Machine moving & Rigging


  • Crane Trucks
  • Lowbeds
  • Heavy lift crane trucks
  • Rollbacks
  • Sidelifters for containers
  • Flatbed Links and triaxles
  • Machine Moving and rigging


We play the efficiency game. 99% of tasks may be made simpler to save money and time. By providing our rigging/heavy lifting solutions, we can simplify our clients’ needs and help them save time and money thanks to our extensive rigging industry experience.


Benecke Transport and Solutions upholds a very high level of safety. Safety is our first priority both on and off the job site.


Best of the best quality is provided by Benecke Transport & Solutions. Planning may go a long way because rigging is often a risky and difficult procedure. Every assignment is guaranteed to receive our team’s entire attention as they plan for a seamless and professional project execution, ensuring seamless quality on every project.

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